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Owner, Brennan Baehler with the Mobile Sharpening Lab

Master Sharpener, Brennan Baehler works in the Mobile Sharpening Lab

Welcome to Honed To Perfection

We sharpen and sell professional cutting tools to beauty salon hair stylists, pet salon groomers, and barbers.

Shears & Scissors Sharpening

Shears & Scissors Sharpening

Over the last 10 years, owner, Brennan Baehler has sharpened over 100,000 pairs of scissors and shears. He sharpens and tests every professional cutting tool before it is returned, to guarantee quality work every time.

Mr. Baehler is certified by 8 well-known shear manufacturers to do all of their warranty sharpening work. Honed To Perfection is the only Shark Fin Certified Service Center in the Midwest.

Sharpening Beauty Shears
Sharpening Grooming Shears
Sharpening Houselhold Knives & Scissors

  Shears & Scissors Sales

Shears & Scissors Sales

We are a distributor for many popular high-quality beauty shears and grooming shears manufacturers.

Why buy your next pair of shears from Honed To Perfection?

  • Competitive prices
  • Special discounts
  • Free delivery
  • We let you try them before you buy them (local service area only)
  • Our 15-day money back guarantee

Beauty Shears Sales
Grooming Shears Sales